Ceramic Artist

Toshiya Shimozawa

1960  Born in Sapporo. His father, Shimozawa Dohou, is a renowned ceramic artist known for his work "Arisoyaki" who established the Hokkaido Ceramic Art Association.
1978  Began to study under his father, Shimozawa Dohou.
1982  Received training in ceramic art in Shigaraki, Shiga prefecture.
1990  Founded Shimozawa Clay Studio In Sapporo.
1994  Held one-man exhibition at R-box Gallery (Sapporo).
1997  Participated In the artists' overseas training program operated by the Hokkaido Arts Foundation and flew to the United States to study ceramic art at Parsons School of Design in New York.
2000  Participated in "VISUAL POETRY in SAPPORO" at Hokkaido Museum of Literature.
2001  Held several one-man exhibitions at Gallery Maronie (Kyoto), Gallery Lupubun (Nara) and Gallery SOU (Nara).
2002  Held one-man exhibition at Gallery Merissa (Tokyo) and Accent Gallery (Osaka).
2003  Participated in "Three-Dimensional Art 2003" at Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art and continued to participate until the fifth exhibition in 2010.
2005  Held one-man exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Crafts, ltami.
2007  Participated in "Crossed Viewpoint and Forms" at the Continental Gallery (Sapporo) and continued to participate until the fourth exhibition in 2010.
2008  Held one-man exhibition "Re-birth After Weathering" at the Gallery Monma Annex (Sapporo).
2009  Won the Sapporo Cultural Advancement and Encouragement Award. Participated in "A MUSE LAND TOMORROW, ARCHAIC FANTASY" at Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art.
2010  Held one-man exhibition "Re-birth-Origin" at Homura Gallery (Sapporo).
2011  Held one-man exhibition "Re-birth After Weathering II" at Sapporo Art Museum. Won the Hokkaido Cultural Advancement and Encouragement Award.
2012  Participated in the fifth anniversary exhibition of "Crossed Viewpoint and Forms" at Sapporo Art Museum.

  • ホテル由縁札幌

    UDS(株)ホテル由縁札幌 Re-birth series2020  w3200xL800mm